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Great Lakes Stair & Steel Services

       At Great Lakes Stair & Steel we are a Full Service Shop and offer a vast range of services and installations. As a Full Service Shop, we have the capability, skills, knowledge, and experience to take a project from an idea through to completion. This includes site measurement, generating the architectural drawings, fabrication of the steel, installation, and onsite modification.

       If you've ever made the mistake of working with a shop that brokers out portions (or all) of a job, chances are that you've had a load of headaches, frustration, delays, poor quality workmanship, or worse. If you haven't yet had those bad experiences, there's no need to. Give Great Lakes Stair and Steel the chance to show you how it ought to be done: Right, the first time.

        When seeking a company to design, build, and install your steel project, if you shop by price alone, you may end up hiring a fly-by-night outfit operating out of a garage. They can offer you a 'cheap' price likely because they don't have insurance, don't pay their workers well, cut corners in fabrication and installation, or don't use Union labor. We do. We do carry the proper insurance and our installers are members of the Local 63 Ironworkers Union.

       Please note we are not currently bidding residential jobs or for individuals that are not General Contractors.

Some Services That Great Lakes Offers:

1 Handrails and Guardrails

2 Steel Stairs and Spiral Stairs

3 Roof Access Ladders

4 Ladder Frames and Hatches

5 Mezzanine Systems

6 Multi-Unit and Floor Structure Jobs

7 Custom Fencing

8 Canopies

9 Structural Steel

10 Architectural Metals

11 Multi-Unit Non Combustible Stairs

12 Multi-Unit External Balconies

13 Overhead Material Handling Systems

14 Commercial Miscellaneous Steel

15 Commercial Reinforcing Steel

16 Industrial Egress Stairs

17 Replacement of Damaged Stairs (we do NOT repair damaged stairs)
     (Click Here to Read More About the Dangers of Rust Damage)

       We have experience in ALL phases of these projects including bidding, design, shop drawings, approval changes, fabrication, and installation. You will find the staff at Great Lakes Stair & Steel always courteous and helpful. You can rest assured that our employees, not other subcontractors, are seeing to your needs and desires.

We are also able to offer the steel installed with a variety of weather resistant protective coatings. For a description of the various steel coatings available, click here.

To learn more about our in-house CAD capabilities, click here.

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